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If you think yoga is just light stretching or group fitness for women, you're not alone. Few realize yoga was originally created for warriors - military and spiritual - to strengthen and support their bodies during periods of intense growth and challenge.

Kokoro yoga continues in that original tradition. 'Kokoro' literally means heart or the feeling of the heart. It's merging of the warrior's heart or spirit - with ancient physical poses or 'asanas' - that transform your body into an instrument of power and performance.

With the release of the new Kokoro Yoga book, and upcoming 30-Day Challenge, you have the perfect opportunity to learn this powerful daily practice directly from its creators, former U.S. Navy SEAL Commander Divine and renown yoga instructor Catherine Divine.

Sharpen Your Mind
Yoga has been studied and proven to lower stress, slow biological aging (particularly in the brain) and a whole host of other benefits. With Kokoro Yoga, you are getting all the proven benefits of a typical yoga practice coupled with an even greater capacity for mental toughness and physical transformation. 

Here's a taste of what you'll discover:

  • How to put yourself through a deeply satisfying, unbeatable full-body workout through body-weight functional movements
  • How to maintain a consistent practice at home, the park, a studio or even in your hotel room while traveling
  • The secret to greatly increasing flexibility- while also building long, lean muscle mass
  • Avoid injuries and enhance your workout performance (including squat depth, shoulder mobility and more) - with enhanced biomechanics
  • Flush acid from your system post-workout and greatly assist the recovery process
  • Stimulate the glands that will help you burn fat faster, look younger and feel better
  • Improve physical and mental balance, focus, and control at all levels―including a special segment designed for those recovering from PTSD
  • Find emotional, intuitional, and Kokoro (heart) spiritual harmony to courageously go after your dreams and operate at peak levels - every single day! 

Tone Your Body
While Kokoro Yoga is not about "breaking you down" or putting your body to the test, it is challenging in a way many softer forms of yoga are not. It will open up your body in new ways, not only by improving mobility but strength from those new positions. This gives you a greater sense of balance and core strength that translates into aspects of your life.

Find Your Inner Power
Yoga was never meant to be just another form of exercise. There's a depth to its roots, whereby it is designed to help you go inward and find a source of strength and power, connected to who you are at the core of your being. Taking the time to practice Kokoro Yoga each morning will re-align and connect you to this power, positively impacting the rest of your day and life.

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Kokoro Yoga delivers step-by-step instructions that will guide you through both the daily practice and intense physical workout...as well as the deeper meaning of the path that will help you tap into the greater levels of internal power. While Kokoro Yoga was initially designed for the nation's elite special ops soldiers, this breakthrough book makes it accessible to any athlete with the heart and mind of a warrior.

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