KOKORO Yoga Teacher Training is an immersive 12-day training program covering the fundamental strategies and tactics of the KOKORO Yoga™ training system. This training focuses on the principles introduced in the book KOKORO Yoga by New York Times bestselling author Mark Divine and head yoga instructor Catherine Divine.

(200 HOUR RYT)

The Kokoro Yoga Teacher Training Program is rooted in the tradition and philosophy Yoga as taught by Patanjali and Krishnamacharya, formatted for a modern Western audience. The goal of the training is for you to enhance your personal practice while learning to teach the basics of the breathing, visualization and meditation exercises, functional poses, select martial arts and exercise movements unique to Kokoro Yoga. 

You will gain a deeper understanding of how to address the physical, mental and emotional needs of your students and complete the program empowered with the tools and techniques needed so you may lead others through the Kokoro Yoga methodology.

Held at the SEALFIT Facility in Carlsbad, CA, each day will commence with a 7am morning practice and conclude at 6:30pm. Head instructor Catherine Divine and founder Mark Divine will be the key facilitators for this immersive 12-day training program.   

This school is certified and registered through the International Yoga Alliance and exceeds the standard requirements. 

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Aug 13-24, 2018 Cost: $4995
(Note: lodging and meals are not included and are the responsibility of the student)
Discount available to returning students.

  • Yoga History and Philosophy  
  • Finding Your Purpose - Accessing Your Inner Warrior  
  • Refining Your Personal Ethos   
  • Strategies and Tactics 
  • Anatomy
  • Developing a Kokoro Yoga Practice
  • Teaching Kokoro Yoga as a Lifestyle
  • Kokoro Yoga Teaching Methodology and Practice
  • Demonstration of Teaching skills (optional for those who intend to teach under license)
  • Personal and Group Practices 
  • Homework, Video Instruction and Preliminary Preparation - sent upon enrollment 

Kokoro Yoga Teacher Training will cover: