Are you Ready to Supercharge
Your Brain, Body, and Life?

Potential Benefits of Kokoro Yoga:
  • Greater flexibility and mobility
  • Increased peace of mind
  • Deeper focus, less distracted
  • Enhanced fat metabolism
  • Longer, stronger muscles
  • Better connective tissue health


What on Earth is Kokoro Yoga?
Most people think of yoga as light stretching or group fitness for women only. Few realize yoga was created for warriors—military and spiritual—to strengthen and support their bodies during periods of intense growth and challenge.
Kokoro Yoga continues in that original tradition. ‘Kokoro' literally means heart or the feeling of it. It's this merging of the warrior's heart or spirit—with ancient physical poses or ‘asanas’—that transform your body into an instrument of power and performance. 
We highly recommend you prepare yourself for this 30-Day Challenge by purchasing the Kokoro Yoga book—which you can purchase directly from us on the registration page. If you’d like to add a book, simply add the quantity that you’d like upon checkout.
Either way, your book purchase makes you eligible for a one-hour video workshop where Mark Divine teaches you, step-by-step. Plus, you’ll get the first chapter of the book immediately so you can get started while you wait for your hard copy to arrive in the mail. 


Why a 30-Day Challenge—
And What Will I Need to Do?


How it Works


Each day, you’ll receive a new email that links to a brief overview video. In that video, Mark or Catherine Divine (the creators of Kokoro Yoga), will tell you what the challenge is for that day, walk you through the steps, and if necessary—demonstrate for you. 
This alone is more than courses that cost as much as $200—yet again, you get this absolutely FREE. Plus, your no-cost enrollment in the challenge comes with some additional perks as well:


The When & What (Including a Prize!)


30-Day Challenge is 100% Free - And So is Your Trial Membership to KOKORO Yoga Online...

After your 30-day challenge experience, you will be automatically enrolled in the Kokoro Yoga Online program and be billed $19.97 per month OR you can let us know you no longer wish to continue. We encourage you to explore the online program for 30 days. If after 30 days you decide this program is not for you, then you can cancel your membership for a full refund. We believe this 30-day challenge will be so life-changing, you’ll absolutely want to continue building on the life-changing results you see in your body and mind. 

Why This Will Be
So Life-Changing…

One of Mark’s earliest yoga experiences was using it to calm his nerves, on a plane, while approaching violent territory in Iraq. The profound effect the simple breathing exercises and poses had on his mind and body hooked him for life. 
As he began teaching and working with Catherine, they together developed an approach to yoga that encompasses all the benefits of traditional yoga—but also goes further into areas of strength, conditioning, mental toughness and beyond. 
On the deepest level, Kokoro Yoga can be a launchpad for you to blast off into unexplored regions of your own potential and find the warrior within. You will notice increased focus, peace, clarity, a sense of purpose—with a daily tool that you can use for life. 


Enroll in the 30-Day Challenge Today!


DON’T WAIT—you absolutely want to begin this challenge with everyone else, so you get the full power of our group and shared experience… this will be a BIG factor that drives you forward.

In just minutes per day, with support and inspiration from your peers and our team, you too can experience what feels like a whole new body and mind. And, by taking this challenge and beginning your trial membership in Kokoro Yoga Online on day 30, you will lock in the lowest charter membership rate—for life!

Just click the button below or above to sign up, complete your enrollment and begin receiving your daily challenge materials as soon as they are ready.


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Starting January 9th, In just a few minutes each day—you too can experience a more youthful, powerful and energized body and mind!

“If you think yoga is a group stretching program, or a fitness program for the ladies, then I suggest a visit to northern India to watch how yoga is practiced by the yogi warriors.”
- Mark Divine

Enrollment is Closed

Even though it can take up to 66 days for some people to create a new habit, many can form a new one in as little as 21 days. And an even greater percentage somewhere in the 21-30-day range. Many who’ve struggled to create a morning yoga and meditation routine will find out this finally does the trick. 


Our global community is second to none in its strength, and our strong collective energy will help inspire and drive you forward in this process. You’ll know that you’re not alone—and share in this transformational experience together.  


Through daily messages, assignments and turning friends into “accountability buddies”—you’ll not only be inspired… you’ll also be held accountable to your stated goal of investing 15 minutes per day into your mind, body and overall well-being. We have a special “secret word” placed randomly in each video to ensure you participate and remain eligible for prizes at the end of the challenge! 


because it will help you create the habit!

because accountability
is key!

because you leverage
the power of our group!

Private Facebook Group
Here, you’ll be able to interact with fellow members, find partners, ask questions, get feedback, coaching and more!

Support and Advice
Never feel alone, because every communication will contain helpful, encouraging words that propel you forward.

Tough Love
Via our social media challenges and group, you’ll be pushed and encouraged to follow through—no excuses! ☺ 

Inspirational Quotes
To keep you excited, inspired and eager to jump right into your challenge each day! 

From that day forth, you'll begin receiving your emails, videos, and access to the private Facebook group where you'll be supported and encouraged along the way.
Completing your daily challenge does more than just build the habit and transform your body and mind… it also makes you eligible for an awesome prize: A KOKORO Yoga Water Bottle! All you have to do is complete 25 out of 30 days, and you'll be eligible to receive yours (to keep score, simply watch videos and type the word displayed in each video)!
If 15-minutes is no sweat for you, we will offer an additional 30 minute Kokoro yoga practice that you can do as much as you like throughout the challenge.  We will also offer spot drills for upping game (squats, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.)

The KOKORO Yoga 30 Day Challenge will kick off on January 9th, 2017 and continue until February 8th.

• Videos of classes—at least one per week—from our Kokoro Team, including Mark, Catherine, Greg Amundson, and Will Potter

 Video training will cover core topics like breath, meditation/visualization, and asanas/poses that deliver specific benefits.

• You’ll learn how to master breathing—even beyond yoga—so that you can better control your nervous system,
increase your 
performance and more! 

• You’ll be guided through meditations that are easy, doable and powerful—
helping you create a daily habit around this 
powerful practice. 

• Beyond Kokoro Yoga poses, you’ll learn how to integrate key exercises from other disciplines, including Qi Gong, Tai Chi, functional fitness, gymnastics and more.


As part of this online program, you’ll receive: 

Beyond the free challenge period, the monthly online training program—where you receive new content each week—will be just $19.97. It's an incredible bargain, and we're betting you'll want to remain a member long after the challenge is complete.



Our FREE 30-Day KOKORO Yoga Challenge Is Your Ticket…

A Taste of What You'll Discover During this 30-Day Challenge

While we don’t want to ruin the surprise and give away the exact daily exercises—here’s a taste of what you’ll experience during these 30 action-packed days… 

  • How to uncover and unleash the warrior within (find that fierce, determined part of you who refuses to quit and feels like it can achieve ANYTHING)… 
  • The simple secret to taking action—even when you don’t “feel” like it! 
  • How to slow aging… looking and feeling YEARS younger, simply by making two key changes…
  • Finding your fitness and bulletproofing your body against aches, pains and injuries that could interfere with your training… 
  • How to use yoga to sculpt the long, lean body you want—beginning with your posture! 
  • Why nutrition goes hand in hand with this process; and how to eat for peak performance… 


And so much more! Imagine getting a powerful new video lesson—each and every day, for one full month—accompanied by coaching, support, and inspiration… all of which propels your body and mind to amazing new levels of health and performance!

1. Buy the
Kokoro Yoga Book! Although it is not required, it is strongly recommended. 

There is room on the enrollment form to include the book if you desire.

2. Try The 30 Day
Kokoro Yoga Challenge
at NO Cost

Starting ON THIS PAGE! Click here or above/below to enroll to be added to our exclusive challenge list and get access to all of the content sent out each day. 

3. After 30 Days, if you wish to continue with Kokoro Yoga Online,
you will be charged just $19.97 per month for fresh instruction and weekly training videos from Coach Divine, Catherine, and our Kokoro Yoga team. 

If you don’t wish to continue, just cancel, no questions asked or hassle in any way. No matter what you decide, you’ll experience the incredible benefits of this 30-day challenge at absolutely ZERO cost to you. 

How to Get Started

Purchase the book to enhance your Kokoro Yoga experience!

While you don’t have to be a book-buyer to participate in the challenge, we HIGHLY recommend it. The Kokoro Yoga book will give you a primer and helpful foundation for maximizing key skills and elements in the process that we simply cannot cover in each video. So having the book will greatly add to your experience and further your results. 

Enrollment is ClosedEnrollment is Closed
  • Accelerated weight loss
  • Improved mental functioning
  • More youthful glow
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Recovery & injury prevention
  • And so much more!


About the Authors

Mark Divine
is a retired Navy SEAL, accomplished yoga teacher, and martial artist who has trained thousands of aspiring special operators, athletes and professionals in physical and mental toughness using the principles outlined in his latest bestselling book, Kokoro Yoga. An entrepreneur and innovator in the field of human potential and peak performance, Mark created the world-renowned Unbeatable Mind integrated training system, founded SEALFIT and, and is a New York Times bestselling author of The way of the SEAL, Unbeatable Mind and 8 Weeks to SEALFIT. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife, Sandy, and son, Devon.

Catherine Divine
has taught in a variety of studio and conference settings such as Wanderlust Festival, Yoga for Peace and the Green Yoga Festival. She has trained in various yoga styles, notably with Tim Miller of Ashtanga Yoga and Gary Kraftsow on Viniyoga. She lives in Encinitas, California.

Enrollment is Closed

Begins January 9th, 2017

Begins January 9th, 2017

Begins January 9th, 2017